Sleep Assist Story

At Sleep Assist we have leading brands at competitive prices. We also have an alliance with a leading professional company specializing in post CPAP care, with qualifications exceeding other CPAP outlets.

About Us

Sleep Assist is a professionally trusted online CPAP supplier servicing Australia.

As a totally independent supplier of CPAP equipment, we offer competitive prices and free delivery of purchases over $100 (within Australia only). Our range encompasses most known models including Fisher & Paykel, Resmed, Philips, Transcend, I Sleep, and BMC.

When it comes to treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring, the benefits of CPAP therapy is experienced immediately. Considering how important CPAP therapy is as a medical intervention therapy, we supply an online comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” to help you achieve manageable and compliant CPAP therapy. 

Why purchase online?

Perhaps you are busy and you don’t wish or need to meet with a CPAP therapist. You want to order online and trust to get it right first time. You just want to get on with it!

If however you do need advice or you are not feeling satisfied before or after your purchase, with CPAP NOW you can contact us or one of our affiliates for an appointment to discuss your therapy with a CPAP user who is also tertiary qualified in sleep medicine and very knowledgeable*.

(*Subject to availability, Ts&Cs apply)

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