Prisma20A APAP Therapy Set with PrismaAQUA & Heated Tube


Prisma20A APAP Therapy Set

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The Prisma20A APAP (auto-CPAP) device in the premium prismaLINE from Löwenstein Medical fulfils all the prerequisites for successful treatment of OSA. It has a functional operating panel with large touch screen, excellent motor with high-performance reserves and provides intelligent pressure regulation in the respiratory cycle. The Prisma20A is equipped with several comfort functions and the validated auto-CPAP algorithm with Forced Oscillation Technique technology. The device comes complete with large 400ml click-into-place PrismaAQUA humidifier and a heated breathing tube

Featuring highly similar pragmatic design & functionality to the Prisma SMART with the same proven algorithm offering a proactive, efficient and stable treatment, Prisma20A comprises a number of special extra features to provide a high-end package. These include: colour touch screen, integrated port for heated tube, SoftPAP 3 setting with inspiration support as well as moderate expiration relief, 7 humidification levels, Smart Aqua Control (SAC) providing warm-up boost and humidification compensation during leakage, ability to preheat humidifier, alarm clock, language settings (different for patient & expert menu), independent autoSTART/STOP settings, and ability to set alarms for leak/disconnection.

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